Teaching & Outreach Experience 

Amy understands the importance of building relationships with audiences inside and outside the concert hall through performing and teaching. She strives to present contemporary and traditional works in a way that each listener may gain a new perspective from the performance, no matter their history in listening to classical music.

In 2015, Amy founded an undergraduate course at McGill University titled "Chamber Music and Engaging New Audiences". As a class, chamber ensembles discuss and explore that which makes each piece of repertoire immediately interesting. The course is dedicated to improving young musicians’ public speaking skills so that they can communicate this inspiration to a large audience. Each ensemble presents their own engaging presentation of chamber music for audiences of elementary or high school students in the Montreal community. To teach the course, Amy draws upon her experience as manager and violinist of the Horizon String Quartet. She has coordinated five different tours during which she has given over 100 presentations about the string quartet genre to school assemblies. As part of her work with the HSQ, Amy has presented chamber music to students of all ages in rural and urban communities across the prairies.

At the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Amy was a member of the Conservatory in the Schools Program and the Community Service Program. As part of these programs, she studied varying pedagogical methods and presented chamber music at alternative venues. Amy was also a violin teacher at San Francisco's KIPP Bay Academy Middle School. As a KIPP instructor, Amy led orchestra rehearsals, tutored string quartets and gave individual music lessons to economically and socially disadvantaged students in the inner city.

From 2009-2012, Amy was the general manager of Chamber Music Without Borders in Montréal. CMWB is a non-profit organization led by McGill music students whose goal is to make music more accessible to everyone, particularly those who might not otherwise be able to attend high quality concerts. As a CMWB member, Amy coordinated a weekly concert series featuring McGill music students for the downtown public and she organized monthly concerts at retirement homes and homeless shelters.